TRENZSEATER’s collection of product is available in a number of exclusively developed timber & lacquer finishes designed to give you a sophisticated, luxurious finish to your product.

These unique finishes have been applied to the highest standard to ensure a superior finish to your product using only the finest of methods. Our timber product is stained, followed by a two-pack acid catalyzed sealer as a hardener followed by a number of lacquer top coats. Our lacquered product follows the same system starting with a double undercoat to ensure a smooth perfect finish to the surface.

Our Vintage oak timber finish we stain the product, followed by a two-pack acid catalyzed sealer as a hardener followed by a clear lacquer then finished with a waxed top coat.

Our Oiled oak timber finish has two coats of stain followed by two coats of oil, this type of finish will provide a natural appearance but be extremely durable and serviceable for a table top.

The Parquet collection of tables are stained, along with a couple of other steps that remain secret, followed by numerous coats of lacquer. The final process is putting black wax (Liberon Black Bison Dark Oak) into all the cracks and then its waxed a few times to get the lovely patina.

TRENZSEATER also has the capability to tailor the finish on our product for a particular project to your specific requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE : For technical printing reasons, the colours displayed below may vary from the swatches in store, it is recommended to view these to get a true representation of the colour before ordering.