To ensure your drapery fabrics are maintained correctly it is important that the fabric is protected from any direct sunlight where possible, some fabrics are more resilient than others so it is critical that you read the care instructions and composition of each fabric before cleaning.

Professional cleaning is recommended periodically to enhance the fabrics lifespan and appearance as do the use of linings on all your curtains and blinds. Fabrics which have a natural content do breathe and absorb moisture for which you can expect possible stretch and shrinkage up to 4%.

It is important to note that if you are unsure of which fabric your product is upholstered in, you must first check with TRENZSEATER before having any professional cleaners clean your product or before applying any Fabric Care cleaners to the product. Do not sponge with water or detergent solutions. All warranties do not apply if these precautions are not taken.