With stunning feature’s such as scalloping details on door fronts, buster+punch door knurled brass door hardware for handles, hidden draws, blue gun steel finishes on table bases along with our beautiful signature parquet table tops with ebonised inlays.

We lovingly make our products to order right here in New Zealand. This means you can customise your bespoke piece to suit your individual requirements! We offer options in size and finish or through your selection of fabrics.

Meet our skilled artisans who will custom-make your order to your bespoke requirements.

TRENZSEATER product isn’t just painted once, it is painted 4 times, followed by buffing, until it 100% delivers a finish which radiates perfection.

TRENZSEATER sofas have a solid timber frame for strength and use the finest feather and down available to give a superior seat in your cushions. Our attention to detail is second to none.

High quality raw materials, innovative componentry, sophisticated finishes and first-class workmanship is evident, delivering an unquestionably irresistible product.


The quality of each product is checked scrupulously throughout the production process, from the selection of materials through to the monitoring of the production procedures + processes until the completion of the product ready for dispatch.

The TRENZSEATER brand is renowned for the quality of its work and our detail is held in the highest regard within the industry. This unique characteristic you will begin to appreciate when you visit our showroom and see the craftsmanship which stretches back over decades.


TRENZSEATER is dedicated to environmental sustainability. With initiatives in place to ensure an eco-friendly work environment and production facility, a careful, selective process to ensure that our raw materials and components are sustainable and have properties that will be beneficial to the well being of the environment. Minimizing the impact on the environment is our key objective. We have a responsibility to design and manufacture furniture which has a lifecycle and that it is sustainable.

TRENZSEATER has been apart of projects, within New Zealand, awarded 5 stars from the Green Building Council. The New Zealand Green Building Council is a non-for-profit, industry organization dedicated to accelerating the development and adoption of market based green building practices.