To ensure a lifetime of enjoyment from your upholstered product it is important to adhere to the recommendations below for each of the covering types for their specific care. Regardless of the covering it is important to also vacuum your upholstered product regularly to remove any soling, dust, crumbs & escaped feathers. Rotation of all the cushions will improve the life and structure of the foams and coverings, and also reduce the impact of New Zealand’s strong UV light. Avoid sitting on the arms & edges of cushions as this can cause premature wear of the fabric and also affect the cushion inners performance. Regular rotation and fluffing of feather / fibre cushions ensure that they maintain their unique look & feel.


To maintain your Aniline, Semi-Aniline or Waxed leather product we recommend the use of the appropriate Pelle Leather Care Kit every 4-6 months to clean, condition and nourish the hide. Frequent removal of day-to-day soiling, through the use of a clean, damp, dye fast cloth will certainly enhance the life your leather sofa or armchair.


The beauty of such a hide is in its soft, glove-like, supple texture along with its entirely natural and pure appearance. For maintaining a hide with such distinctive qualities, periodically use the Pelle Nubuck Care Kit. For cleaning the product do not spray directly onto the leather, use instead a dye-fast cloth and spray directly onto this before evenly cleaning the leather. Clean the sofa or armchair with the cloth 1 sqm at a time. On completion use the Pelle Conditioner/Stain guard, evenly spraying directly onto the leather to revitalize and add protection to the hide.


These types of hides are more resilient, offer more protection and resistence to soilings due to their additional transparent protective coatings in the tanning process. For maintaining a hide renowned for these qualities, periodically use the Pelle Care Kit. With these hides you can spray the cleaner directly onto the leather, evenly cleaning 1 sqm at a time. On completion, use the Pelle Conditioner to revitalize the hide, this will also help the hide keep its soft, supple texture and offer protection to the leather.


The uniqueness of these hides is their natural grain and markings along with their worn, weathered appearance. To maintain a hide with these characteristics, periodically apply the Pelle Care Kit along with the Pelle Leather Colour Toner which is a cream that will revitalize and nourish the leather. This will also assist to remove and disquise any scuffs or scratches. A hide of this nature ages beautifully over time and adds character to the hide from its environment it lived in.

It is important to note that if you are unsure of which type of leather your product is upholstered in, you must first check with TRENZSEATER before applying any Leather Care product. All warranties do not apply if these precautions are not taken. It is also important on all leather types to avoid wearing sun lotion, moisturizer, body creams where contact directly onto the leather occurs.



Like any sofa or armchair whatever the covering it is important to protect the product from any direct sunlight where possible, some fabrics are more resilient than others so it is critical that you read the care instructions and composition of each fabric before cleaning.

For any spot cleaning where you need to attend to spillages or soilings, react as soon as possible and avoid the use of any cleaning agents. To remove liquid spills, first BLOT and soak up any residue with a clean, colour-fast cloth, DO NOT RUB. Gently dab the affect area with a damp cloth. Do not use excess moisture as this can cause watermarks. To remove any solids first use a spoon, then use an absorbent damp cloth to gently blot spots and spills. Failing that, use an upholstery fabric spot cleaner which should remove any heavier stains and soilings. Do not sponge with water or detergent solutions, and never use cake soap as this can leave residue. The quicker you attend to a mark the better chance you have of rescuing it.

It is important to note that if you are unsure of which fabric your product is upholstered in, you must first check with TRENZSEATER before having any professional cleaners clean your product or before applying any Fabric Care cleaners to the product. All warranties do not apply if these precautions are not taken.



The feather-down in TRENZSEATER cushioning is secured in a number of baffles within the lining and mixed with siliconized fibre. Slight lines indicating the divisions of the baffles maybe visible on the surface of some fabrics or leathers, this is considered a normal characteristic of feather-down cushioning.

The beauty of feather-down cushioning is that the cushions mould to the shape of the individual giving a superior seat and comfort. Over time the cushions will give an inviting lived appearance.

Feather-down back and seat cushions need to be periodically “plumped up” to maintain their casual appearance and shape. To do this shake and pat the centre of the seat cushion and regular plumping of the back cushions will ensure many years of enjoyment from your sofa or armchair.