Our Mood Boosting Tips To Make Your Home A Happy Place

August 29, 2017 | In the Spotlight, Latest News

Natural Light
Natural light is a simple yet effective way to make you feel good, the more you can get into your home the better. This can increase serotonin levels which make you feel happier.
To maximise natural light in your home, pull back drapes off the window as far as possible this could also be done by using tiebacks, use mirrors and reflective surfaces which will deflect the sunlight around the room, clean your windows its surprising how much of a difference this can make- even though it’s up there on the worst jobs list.

Not only do plants look good they also purify the air and have been proven to make you calmer and increase concentration when used in an interior.
Go for easy care plants like succulents which you won’t struggle to keep alive, if you don’t think you can keep up with that try faux greenery to calm and increase concentration.

Colour has been studied for a long time on its effects to the human mind and the mood this provokes.
Think about how you want a particular room to feel, neutrals are great for making you feel mellow perfect for before bed whereas bright and vibrant colours are fantastic in workspaces due to their energising powers. Just remember to consider yourself when choosing a particular colour as different people relate differently to colours- what works for one person doesn’t always work for the next.

Decluttering is the best feeling once you have done it. The more piles of stuff we have in our vision the more difficult it is to focus which can lead you to feeling overwhelmed.
Do small bits everyday whether that is cleaning up the bills off the bench or removing some ornaments that you really don’t like anymore. Simplifying you spaces can clear you mind allowing you to come home relax and think straight.