TRENZSEATER manufacturers the majority of its production exclusively through its Christchurch manufacturing facility, depending on the requirements of each project some aspects can be sub-contracted out whilst maintaining its internal processes. Our manufacturing facility is a modern environment using some of the most technically advanced machinery available, enabling us to entertain even the most intricate of projects.

Each team of specialists who work on the production have had years of experience in working with these complicated machines while manufacturing the finest furniture. Our approach to each project is concise and detailed, we understand the importance of tight timeframes and work towards a punctual delivery on time.

TRENZSEATER is actively involved at each stage of production ensuring that our disciplined team meet your expectations in the end result.

TRENZSEATER is a brand synonymous with tailor made quality furniture which is predominantly made exclusively in New Zealand. Commercially TRENZSEATER is your obvious choice for your furniture solution for your next project!
contract-furniture-body1QUALITY CONTROL

The quality control of each product throughout the production process is checked scrupulously, from the selection of materials through to the monitoring of the production procedures + processes until the completion of the product ready for dispatch. The TRENZSEATER brand is renowned for the quality of its work and our detail is held in the highest regard.


TRENZSEATER also has the capabilities to accommodate clients requests to design and manufacture tailor made product, whether it be a one-off design or a high volume production run, TRENZSEATER can offer a solution to meet the individual’s request.


It is becoming more regular for various projects to have a team of on site installers which have been apart of the production process throughout and have engineered each product for accurate and precise installation.


Luxy’s mission is to create highly technological, modern and safe products, in line with their customers’ requirements. To this, the most important principles of ergonomics are added, along with respect for the environment, through the use of ecologically compatible materials with low environmental impact and the observance of the most stringent norms for the safety of users. 


German company WILKHAHN has developed a close relationship with TRENZSEATER commercially to entertain high quality office and conference furniture. WILKHAHN has been practicing environmental responsibility for over 20 years and has set new standards globally in terms of its socio-ecological approach.